From Arizona to another dimension!

We’ve lost ourselves again, this time in a rift somewhere between x – time and y – space…

And now we are in Florida???


Ok, rewind, where was it that we left off?? Ahhh yes, final days in Arizona and then onward to Bonnaroo!


Let me first extend a major debt of gratitude to those we stayed with in Arizona, first and foremost to maester Sean for inviting us and keeping us in good health via Strength in Yoga, Depth of Wisdom, and Gluttony x Beer.

But also to Gil for showing us around Kelly’s Canyon in Flagstaff, sorry we aren’t there to eat your food anymore! Also, finally a big thanks to Rico for hooking us up with some helpful tips and some new editing software! Rico just recently left Arizona to live on the road and film climbing all over California and up the coast! follow along with Rico at Sendaholic films on vimeo!

By the end of our stay in Arizona, we felt truly recharged and ready for more, until our last night when we witnessed the sunrise and watched a pair of owls cleaning their feathers atop a palm tree in Sean’s back yard.

From there we endured a thirty-plus hour hangover drive through the hottest part of the country, all the while with the heater blasting in our van in order to keep from damaging the engine. We stopped over night at a gas station just outside of El Paso, slept for about 3 hours and continued on to Arkansas, stopping only once for a bit of southern BBQ and a quick tour of the University of Texas in Austin.

Good god, there were a lot of trees in Arkansas, then we passed through Memphis and entered Tennessee. Against the better portion of my childhood education we decided to  pick up a hitchhiker between Memphis and Nashville and had a grand old time. I’ll admit, he almost had us convinced to give it a try ourselves.  He was on his way to a Rainbow Gathering council meeting. Every year since the 1970s members of the Rainbow family have gathered in different national parks around the country to express ideals founded in the counter-culture movement of the 60s. The location is decided by the council elders who our new friend comically described as ornery and indecisive. We spent the majority of the drive listening to stories of his misadventures- he was 15 when he left his house to build a hut in the woods to live in and has been bumming around ever since. This might not come as a surprise but we learned a lot of great tips for traveling cheap, everything from how to make wine in your car to ways to get a free meal when you really need it. Several hours later, we left him in much the same condition as we found him; on the side of the freeway in Tennessee.

The beautiful Blue Ridge mountains

It was late by the time we reached Manchester. We weren’t scheduled to check in at Bonnaroo (more to come on that later) until the next morning and the rest stop we planned on staying at turned out to not be a rest stop at all. Tired, dirty, and at a loss for where to stay we drove to the nearby Walmart. There in the parking lot were the tell-tale signs of a festival: hippies armored in tie-dye wandering around barefoot, playing guitars, and checking out each others vegetable oil powered school busses. A group of people were pitching tents in the grass covered median in the middle of the parking lot and receiving disapproving scowls from the poor landscaper who would surely have to repair the lawn at a later date. We joined them, cooked up a couple of quesadillas on our camp stove and went to bed.

More on our Bonnaroo experience with Josh at Just Squeezed to come!

But for now we have to hit the road again! We promise to update our blog as often as we can, thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “From Arizona to another dimension!

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